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Having recently completed our own LS project, a 1962 impala with a LSA installation, we realized  the need for a shop to provide a service to update existing classic and musclecars. There are a lot of older projects that could benefit from a modern drivetrain, the options are endless and the upgrades are well worth the expense. Your classic and musclecars can run and drive like a brand new car. They can have more HP, more TORQUE, HANDLE better, STOP better, get better FUEL ECONOMY, start and run smoother, still have that RUMBLE and look good doing all of it!  


The automotive industry has come so far over the last twenty years. Most of the classic cars on the road were put together over the last twenty years. Most with carburetors and outdated transmission technology. These cars deserve the updates available now.


We draw on years of experience in the restoration and modification arena. When you hear someone say "That car is well sorted out", meaning every detail was researched and executed as if the car was our own...That is what we strive for.


Superior customer service, honest advice and fair prices, as well as performing high quality work are of the greatest importance to us. We do our best to ensure your comfort and safety on the road.


The Team

Greg Hudson


The Old Man..."Hell no I don't have a cell phone"

Cathy Hudson (The Boss)


Welcome to LSwerks in B'ville.


62 E Genesee St.

Baldwinsville, NY 13027


Phone: +1 315 420 7405




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